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Keep Your Loved Ones as Comfortable as Possible

The decision to transfer your loved one to hospice care facility can be difficult. Callander House hopes to make the transition as easy as possible for everyone involved. We make our patients as comfortable as we can while they're in our care. We arrange hospice care that is most often provided at the patient's home, where they can be surrounded by familiarity and comfort.

We'll work to meet the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of your loved one. A hospice physician, nurse, nursing assistant, social worker, chaplain, grief counselor and volunteer will work together to coordinate a hospice plan that works for your loved one. Callandar house partners with all the local hospice agencies to make this happen.

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Discover how a hospice provider can help

Discover how a hospice provider can help

Our program includes support for both you and your loved one. You can trust your local hospice providers to take care of every detail. We will arrange hospice care services that provide:

Pain management for various symptoms
Routine nursing visits
Help with bathing and personal care needs
Social work visits for counseling and advocacy
Chaplain services for spiritual support
A dedicated afterhours team
Assistance with health care decision planning
24/7 on-call support
Bereavement support for loved ones

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